About us

Biovis d.o.o. was founded in 2011. The founder of the company is the Kosmina family, which has been in the dietary supplements industry for 14 years. We are representatives of two brands on the market, Biovis and Biostile.


The free magazine Biostile is also published annually.


Exceptional quality of raw materials used - we dare to say that we use the highest quality ingredients available on the wider international market.
The product of top Slovenian expertise in cooperation with renowned experts from abroad.
A comprehensive approach to the design of dietary supplements, to achieve synergistic effects focused on causes and not just symptoms.
Wherever possible and sensible, we use natural sources of ingredients instead of synthetic analogues.

The product of Slovenian expertise

Biostile products are the result of Slovenian expertise. The products are natural, made of the best ingredients, composed on the basis of the best bindings and therefore extremely effective. Based on the many years of experience of Dr. Prim. Tomislav Majić, we have started the production of dietary supplements which will really and effectively help our customers maintain their health. We are making new food supplements with Dr.Prim Majić.


Entirely own production. Our production capacities are also used by many pharmacy retailers.
The very active marketing of our products through a wide range of media channels already ranks us among the most well-known Slovenian brands with additional exponentially growing recognition.


Our formulas are made using up-to-date expertise through a scientific-research approach, combined with experience gained through traditional approaches and good practices from around the world, and are used in a holistic approach to solving current life challenges.

Naše vrednote


Družinsko podjetje

Blagovna znamka Biostile združuje prehranska dopolnila, kozmetiko in čaje, katerih glavno vodilo je učinkovita pomoč pri ohranjanju zdravja in zdravega življenjskega sloga sodobnega človeka. Blagovna znamka je v lasti podjetja Biovis, ki so ga leta 2011 ustanovili člani družine Kosmina, ki deluje na področju prehranskih dopolnil že od leta 1990. Pod okriljem podjetja so združili domače in tuje strokovnjake na področju prehranskih dopolnil in najboljše dobavitelje surovin v evropskem prostoru ter jih nadgradili z modernimi proizvodnimi obrati.


All products without ingredients of animal origin have a hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) capsule and are therefore also suitable for vegans.

Geographical suitability

Some products are adapted to the specifics of modern living, especially in our geographical environment (e.g. the problem of lack of biologically available selenium and silicon in the diet).
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